Friday, November 22, 2019

11/23 Saturday Ride

It looks like the winds will die down in time for Saturday, so let's head to Saco while we can. I am out of town this weekend but Bruce has agreed to lead the ride. He'll be taking the route backwards, so it's out to Westbrook first and return via the coast.

The full Saco route, including Boom Road (so pretty) is 51 miles, but I've plotted a nice alternative: there's a cutoff onto Flag Pond Road at mile 18 that will shorten the route to 41 miles, if you're so inclined. Load them both, and happy riding (and maybe load the original route, in case you change your minds)!

Full Route:

Flag Pond Cutoff:

Friday, November 15, 2019

11/16 Saturday Ride


The only two votes we have are for Sunday, so let’s look to then, 10:00.

No matter which day or what time we might try to ride this weekend, we will likely be looking up at 30°. Are there any gamers out there, or am I hitting the trail with the dog? Speak now!

Friday, November 8, 2019

11/10 SUNDAY Ride

With Saturday temperatures looking up at reasonable for most of the day, I've decided to kick the ride to Sunday, which should remain solidly in the mid-40s if we go with a 10:00 start, though it may still be breezy, so plan for that.

I'll put out two options: Highland Lake is about 38 miles with lots of bail-out points if you've just misjudged the day:

Mitchell Hill is around 42 miles and will wrap us out to Cape Elizabeth where we'll have that breeze I mentioned. Once we get past Gorham Country Club, you're pretty much committed for the ride (though you can skip the coast and take the Greenbelt back):

Friday, November 1, 2019

11/2 Saturday Ride

Well, isn't tomorrow looking chilly! I propose we push the ride to a 9:30 start, when it should be 40° instead of 32°. The cooler temps encourage me to do a 40-miler as opposed to a 50 but, other than that, I'm open to suggestions--Pinelands, Freeport, Cape, or westward--someplace with coffee mid-way would certainly help our numbers, so send me suggestions!