Friday, March 14, 2014

Season Start - April 5?

Thanks for the feedback on the upcoming year. If anyone else has additional comments, please let us know.

When should we start riding? The weather doesn't look to be too good in the foreseeable future, and Bron and I are pretty tied up for the rest of the month, so we are tentatively thinking of starting April 5.

If there are nice days between now and you would like to get a group together, feel free to use the comments here or drop me an email asking me to post something.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Soliciting Input for the 2014 Saturday Rides

It's almost daylight savings time, which means spring can't be far behind. As we slip slowly toward warmer weather (I think), we're looking for your thoughts on the Saturday ride as we try to shape the ride for the 2014 season.

Some of the areas we would love you to weigh in on are:

• Additional leaders:
If you are interested and willing in acting as a leader please let us.

• Ride Routes:
We're exploring the idea of creating a set of standard routes (3-5) to help simplify the job of leading and to add a little more predictability to the ride. Variability has been the hallmark of the ride over the past few years, and we see no reason to move away from that entirely. But we would like feedback on the idea of paring back our ride variability.

• A/B Groups:
Along the line of the consistent routes, we are curious whether there is any interest in creating A/B splits. Making this a reality would require some additional leaders.

Training Goals:
In most years we stretch the rides to add length and prepare for various events, such as Memorial Day. Is there still interest in this?

• General Suggestions:
If you have any other suggestions concerning the ride, please let us know.

Given that winter does't appear likely to release its grip on us for a few more weeks, we were also thinking that it might be fun for us to meet over breakfast some Saturday morning this month if people are interested. March 15 seemed to be one option that is likely not going to be a good riding day. If you have any idea for a place to meet up, let us know.

As always, you can use the comments section of this post to respond or send us an email.