Friday, September 27, 2013

9/28 Saturday Ride

Sorry for the late post; I think Sean and I got our signals crossed. I admit I'm a little worn out, so I wanted to offer a course that would give us a lot of distance options, on familiar ground, and away from the Not Dead Yet ride going on at Pinelands. We're going to point our wheels towards Brunswick and see where we end up. There's the typical Freeport distance (35), the Brunswick (45) or, with an added loop out to Rte 9, the option for 65 or more, so we can adapt the ride to whatever we're feeling. See you at 8:00.

Friday, September 20, 2013

9/21 Saturday Ride

It sounds like a bunch of people are planning on doing the Loon Echo ride this weekend. It should be great weather and it's a great ride, so make it if you can.

We will have a Saturday ride, with the route to be determined by the group. I expect there will be a longer route (50-60) and a shorter loop (35-40). We will leave the shop just after 8:00.

Friday, September 13, 2013

9/14 Saturday Ride

This week we will head out for a trip to the beach. Old Orchard Beach to be exact. The route is relatively flat, but there aren't many options to shorten things up. The longer ride will be a touch over 70 mile and will include both OOB and Prout's Neck (Ride route). The planned shorter loop will be closer to 50 miles and will head back through Westbrook (Ride route). However, depending on the group, we may go with a middle version for the shorter loop that tackles Mitchell Hill and then heads back to the shop via Highland (the way we head out).

We will plan to leave the shop at 8:00.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

9/7 Saturday Ride

The Maine Lighthouse Ride and the New England Parkinson's Ride are both this weekend in the OOB/Saco area, so we are going to avoid these rides and head north toward Brunswick. The longer route will do the Flying Point/Pleasant Hill loop (Ride route). Anyone looking for something shorter can head back when we hit S. Freeport Road (Ride route).

We will plan on the usual 8:00 departure from Back Bay Bikes.