Wednesday, May 30, 2012

6/2 Saturday Ride

First, congratulations to everyone who completed the Memorial Day ride! Now that we are past Memorial Day and unofficially into summer, we will turn our attention to some moderate distance rides (~40-50 miles). However, to the extent that people would like to do some longer rides, please let us know and we can certainly work those into the schedule.

As most of you know, we started putting more emphasis on having emergency contact information on every ride. Please save us the trouble of harassing you and make sure you have some form of identification that lists at least one emergency contact. We hope to never use this information, but trust me when I say that you (and more importantly your loved ones) will be exceptional glad we have access to it if we need it.

On the topic of emergency contact information, RoadID has generously provided the club with a discount code for use ordering any of their RoadID products. If you are not familiar with RoadID, check out the website. The "slim" ID is less than $13 with the discount. These products are just about the only cycling related item that I unconditionally endorse. RoadID has asked that we not place the code in publicly available areas, so I am not going to post the code here. However, Kris sent out a club-wide email this past weekend with the discount code and I will email you the code if you drop me an email. The offer is only valid June 17th, so take advantage of it while you can.

For this week's ride, we will plan to head out through Falmouth and Cumberland (MapMyRide route). Rather than a separate shorter route this week, riders interested in doing fewer miles can simply plan to head straight down Tuttle Rd. as we make our way through Cumberland and then follow the route home on 88.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

5/26 Saturday Ride

It's Memorial Day weekend, so we will have a shorter route through Falmouth and Cumberland (MapMyRide route) for our weekly Saturday ride in anticipation of the CCCP Memorial Day Ride that will take place on Monday. We'll plan to leave from the shop at 8:00 on Saturday.

New Emergency Contact Policy:

Starting this week every rider on the Saturday rides will need to have some form of emergency contact information. At a minimum, you need to have something that indicates: (1) your name and (2) at least one emergency contact. The point is to ensure that we know who to contact in the event of an emergency.

If you don't have emergency contact information with you, we will be handing you a marker so you can place the information on the rear of your calf.

RoadID Discounts Coming Soon!!

We have mentioned many times before that we are huge fans of the RoadID products. Given the importance of all riders carrying emergency contact information, we have contacted RoadID and are working with them to arrange for a discount for all club members. Our expectation is that there will be a club-wide email in the next week or so providing everyone with a code valid for 20% off at RoadID. With IDs starting as low as $15.99 without the discount, we hope that people will take advantage of this opportunity.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/19 Saturday Ride

We have under two weeks until the CCCP Memorial Day ride, which means that we have only one weekend left to put together a longer training ride.

We will be starting the longer route and the shorter route from different locations this week. 

The longer ride will leave from Cumberland, while the shorter route will leave from Back Bay Bikes as usual. Both rides will leave at 8:00.

The Shorter Route — Starting at Back Bay Bikes
Riders who want to do the shorter route should meet at 8:00 at Back Bay Bikes. The route will head out through Falmouth and Cumberland and return on Rte 88 (MapMyRide route). We have an unofficial leader, but if you plan to do this ride and would be willing to step up as an official leader, please drop me an email.

The Longer Route — Starting at the Cumberland Fire Station
Riders who want to do the longer route should meet at 8:00 in the parking lot of the Cumberland fire station located on Tuttle Rd. The fire station is at the top of Tuttle, just before the intersection with Rte 9 (Main St.). For those driving, there is ample parking in the school parking lot (note the "P" markers on the route map).

The longer route will follow the Raymond Hill loop (MapMyRide route). This is one of the longer, hillier rides in the area, so please plan accordingly by bringing plenty to drink and consider bringing some food to consume as well. We will likely stop at the general store just before Egypt Rd. However, I believe they are cash only, so make sure you've got cash if you think you'll want something there.

If you are biking to the start of the longer route, please add extra time to limit the possibility that we will leave before you get there.

If you have any questions, please drop me an email.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

5/12 Saturday Ride

Back to our usual schedule this weekend, leaving the shop at 8:00am.

This week we have a fairly long and hilly ride planned as we will be touring Falmouth, Cumberland, Grey, New Gloucester and Yarmouth (MapMyRide route). It is also likely to be relatively warm, so please make sure you have enough to drink and eat. We will stop at Pineland either on the way out or the way back so people can stock up.

For those interested in a shorter ride, there will be shorter route that includes Mountain Rd. and then heads back via Cumberland and Rte 88. (MapMyRide route).

A quick note about next week's ride. On 5/19 we will be leaving from Cumberland and heading out to do the Raymond Hill loop. (MapMyRide route). The plan will be to collect at the fire station at the corner of Tuttle and Main at 8:00am. We also hope to have a shorter route that will leave from the shop, so if you are interested in leading that ride, please drop me an email.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

5/6 SUNDAY Ride

Well, the title tells the story. After seriously hemming and hawing about whether to head out on Saturday morning, we have decided to move the ride to Sunday morning. Right now it looks like Saturday could be ok, but given the distance we have planned we decided that Sunday was a better choice.

So, we will leave the shop on Sunday at 8:00 and head up to Brunswick, basically skirting the edge of town before we head back (MapMyRide route).

We will tentatively plan a short route as well (MapMyRide route). However, since we are switching the days we are not positive that there will be a leader for the shorter route. If you are willing to lead the shorter ride, please drop me an email.

If you have any questions, want to complain about the schedule switching or just want say hi, leave a comment or drop me an email.