Friday, March 30, 2012

3/31 Saturday Ride

After much debate whether Saturday or Sunday would be the better day this weekend, we have decided to stick with Saturday. However, we will be leaving at 10:00 am to give the sun some time to warm things up.

As for the route, that is still up in the air, but the likely candidate is our first trip of the season up Mountain Rd. (MapMyRide route).

Thursday, March 22, 2012

3/24 Saturday Ride

It doesn't look like the summer weather is going to stay around for the weekend, so it may be a bit chilly on Saturday morning. To give the sun a chance to warm things up a touch we will plan to leave the shop at 9:30.

The route this week will stay relatively short and relatively flat as we do the familiar route around Greely and Tuttle (MapMyRide route).

We are looking for people who are willing to help with some of the leadership tasks this season. If you are willing to help us out, the bar is quite low. All you need to do is show up like you usually do, make sure you know the route, and pay a little bit of attention to your fellow riders. If you have any interest in helping us out, please drop me an email.

See you Saturday at 9:30.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

2012 Saturday Morning Rides

There's more snow on the ground now than we've had for most of the winter, but it's time to start thinking about starting things up for the 2012 season. Right now, I'm thinking that the first ride of the season will be on St. Patrick's Day — Saturday, March 17.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel that St. Patrick's day offers a great excuse for us to head out a bit later than usual and to plan on collecting somewhere after the ride to grab a drink. Every spring we look to poll the group on what you want to accomplish this year and how you would like to see the rides structured. This year we might as well discuss the options over a drink. Hopefully people will turn out for a nice early season ride and a chance to share your thoughts on the upcoming season.

Given that it's early in the season and we have no idea what the weather will look like, we will plan on a relatively short ride on 3/17 to get our legs back. Probably a jaunt out Middle and then back in Rte 88 (MapMyRide route). It will be the first Saturday after we push the clocks forward, so we're thinking it makes sense to head out at 11:00 with the hope that we will be sitting somewhere warm with a drink in hand around 12:30.

If you have thoughts on where we should head after the ride, or if you want to voice your thoughts on the upcoming season, please leave a comment (name included so we can follow-up) and/or drop me an email.