Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Ride


Just when everything was going great, I had to pick up bronchitis as an extra Christmas present. I'm afraid my throat and chest won't do well tomorrow. Bruce wants to ride at 11:00 and, with the likely freezing tonight, I can't disagree. So meet at the shop by 11:00, and ride safe.
Happy New Year!

I was going to see if anyone was interested in a Day Before New Year's ride (one last chance to get your miles in before the end of the year), but the weather is looking icky for Saturday. So how about Sunday, and what time? The football game is at 1:00, so I'm leaning towards a 10:00 start. Any takers? Comment or send email to bron@cyclemaine.com.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The temperatures are cooling off and the holidays are heating up: I'm thinking the season may finally need to come to a close, but let's make one last start time at 9:00.

I think a New Year's Ride is a moral imperative, but since the football game is on at 1:00 on Sunday, how about a New Year's Eve ride? A noon start time from the shop on Saturday should be post-cold and pre-hangover, right? Provided we aren't fighting rain, snow, or freezing temps, do folks want to ride?

If we get lucky enough to have more freakishly warm weather after the New Year, be sure to check in to see if we call an impromptu ride. If you plan to ride, we're happy to advertise it here; just email sean@cyclemaine.com or bron@cyclemaine.com.