Thursday, September 29, 2011

10/1 Saturday Ride

This Sunday is the Cadillac Challenge, so we are going to have a relatively short ride up toward Freeport (MapMyRide route).

For those not riding on Sunday and wanting a few extra miles before the Dempsey Challenge, fee free to break off when we hit S. Freeport Rd. and travel on up to Brunswick.

Friday, September 23, 2011

9/24 Saturday Ride

We need some help this weekend. Bron is tied up with work and I remain in the throws of a series of weddings, so we need a leader for this week's ride. Please drop me an email if you are willing to take the reins.

The weather looks like it may be a bit on the wet side, but I know there are people targeting the Cadillac Challenge and the Dempsey Challenge, so I am happy to throw out a 60+ mile route if folks are interested. Once I get some feedback from a leader and get a sense of where he/she is interested in heading this weekend, I will post a route.

Friday, September 16, 2011

9/17 Saturday Ride

First, a final pitch for riders to head up to the Loon Echo Trek. The weather looks to be absolutely perfect for the ride this year and includes some classic stretches of New England roads. For those of you still building toward other rides, like the Cadillac Challenge or the Dempsey Challenge, the 50-mile ride is a nice route and the turnaround point is pretty much at the base of Evan's Notch. If you wanted to add a few more miles and a lot more climbing, the 50 mile loop with a trip up and over Evans Notch might be a good choice. You would head up the steep side and then have the option to cruise down and come back over again on the more gradual approach.

As for our Saturday ride, we are going to take another shot at last week's route, which didn't pan out too well since I didn't realize that the Lobsterman Tri would have the roads closed. The route will head up Mountain Rd., over to Cumberland, down the new pavement on Tuttle and then split. Those looking for a short ride can simply head back to town via 88, and those looking to get extra miles for the Cadallac and the Dempsey can head out toward Brunswick for a loop that will end up being about 65 miles (MapMyRide route).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9/10 Saturday Ride

The fall century rides are basically upon us. The Loon Echo Trek is next weekend, Sept 17, the Cadillac Challenge is October 2 and the Dempsey Challenge is October 9. To help folks get some additional miles with the group, we are going to head out on a longer ride this week. The route will head up through Falmouth and then loop over to Freeport and toward Brunswick (MapMyRide route).

For those riders not inclined to do the full 65 mile ride, there is a fairly natural split point when the group hits the end of Tuttle Rd. and turns left to head out toward Freeport. Anyone interested in keeping the ride closer to 30 miles can simply head straight to 88 at this turn and follow 88 back into town.

Friday, September 2, 2011

9/3 Saturday Ride

This week the ride will head out over Mountain Rd. and Dutton Hill (MapMyRide route).