Friday, April 29, 2011

4/30 Saturday Ride

Somehow, there's only a few weeks until the Memorial Day ride. Seems hard to believe given that spring has yet to really make an appearance.

Anyway, this week is supposed to be beautiful, so we'll add a few more hills into the mix, heading out over Dutton Hill (MapMyRide route).

I expect that there will be a shorter route as well. The most likely candidate is our standard route back through Cumberland via Blanchard (MapMyRide route). If you are not sure you want to do the longer route, PLEASE make sure you know the shorter route. It is very likely that we will not have someone willing to lead a shorter ride given how nice the weather is supposed to be tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4/23 Saturday Ride

Saturday isn't looking like the best weather day, but since Sunday is Easter, moving the ride isn't really an option.

We'll head out from the shop at 8:00 and hope to beat the rain (although I don't have much faith that we will). This week's map is a general guide only. We're picking this route out through Falmouth and Cumberland specifically because there are so many options to shorten or lengthen the ride based on weather changes (MapMyRide route).

Another brief reminder that the shop has asked that we not park in the first few spots.

Don't forget that in addition to this blog, you can also get updates via twitter (@cyclemaine) or the new Cyclemaine Facebook page.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4/16 Saturday Ride

It looks like the morning is going to be the better part of the day this Saturday, so we'll move things back to the normal start time and plan on heading out at 8:00. We'll also continue adding some hills by heading up Mountain Rd. and then over to Cumberland (MapMyRide route).

A quick housekeeping note. The folks at the shop have asked me to pass along a request that riders not park in the first few spaces next to the shop.

Don't forget that in addition to this blog, you can also get updates via twitter (@cyclemaine) or the new Cyclemaine Facebook page.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/9 Saturday Ride

It finally looks like Saturday will be the better weekend day. But, since the weather is going to warm up into the 50s, we'll give the sun some time to warm things up before we head out.

We'll head out at 9:00am from Back Bay Bikes and take our first turn at some hills this week, meandering up Mountain Rd. and then over toward Yarmouth (MapMyRide route). Since this route is a bit longer and some riders have already been out for a few weeks, we will gauge how things are going and may split the group when we hit Mountain Rd.

A couple of notes:

The first is to make sure you are giving your bike the TLC it deserves. After a long winter, a drivetrain cleaning and adjustment is almost certainly in order, if not a full tune-up.

Second, I mentioned the possibility of a clinic on bike repair and I guess i need to be more specific. What I'm thinking is that everyone needs to know how to check you bike for safety issues (tires, brakes, headset, cranks, etc.); how to clean your drivetrain; how to adjust shifting performance; and how to check and adjust brakes (including replacing brake pads). I'm not sure where you all place those task in the beginner/intermediate/expert spectrum, but I get the sense that many people would benefit from gaining some familiarity with these skills. As for timing, weekday evenings are pretty much out for me given the family situation, so either after a ride or possibly on a Sunday are the only times that would work for me. Alternatively, I will talk to Kris and see if this is something the shop could put together.

Finally, I don't pitch products much, but I think it's worth giving a plug for RoadID. For those of you unfamiliar with the product it is basically a necklace, bracelet, anklet or shoe tag with emergency contact information listed. The truth of the matter is that accidents can happen when we're out on the road and products like RoadID can be invaluable in the event of something serious. Many people rely on their cell phones to provide valuable contact information in an emergency, but most smart phones are password protected and would be useless in an emergency situation. An ID is always accessible. If anyone is interested in ordering a RoadID, drop me a line and I will pass along a $1 off coupon code. Also, if you do order, remember that even though RoadID offers ankle and shoe products, emergency responders are trained to look for necklaces and bracelets so those products are likely to be discovered more readily in the event of an emergency.

See you Saturday.