Friday, December 3, 2010

Saturday Ride Update

Given that the holidays are now upon us, the weather has turned colder and less predictable and even on "good" days morning temps are hovering just above freezing, it's time to call the end of the 2010 Saturday ride season. Hopefully the winter hiatus won't be too long. As was the case last year, we will start regular rides again as soon as winter weather allows. I think we started back up in late February or early March last year. We will periodically post to the blog throughout the winter, so check back in occasionally to see when we'll be starting up again.

Looking back on the year, we are prepared to call the season a rousing success. We saw a marked increase in the number of riders joining us weekly, we were able to integrate several longer rides and we successfully trained for the Memorial Day ride and several centuries. All in all it was a great season and we are grateful for your participation and support.

For those of you not yet ready to suffer the pain of indoor riding and looking for some holiday fun, the Reindeer ride is tonight. People are meeting at Back Bay at 6:00 and heading out for a loop around town. Light yourself up, dress in holiday garb and join the fun if you have time.

Although we are calling an end to the season, if we get a spectacular day, or if people want to ride on a given weekend, I am happy to post a general message here in the blog. Just drop me an email and let me know what time you plan to head out.

Again, thanks to everyone for a great season. Have a happy holiday and a great New Year.