Friday, July 31, 2009

8/1 Saturday Ride

This week we are going to leave it up to the concensus of the group to decide what route we take. The only limitation is that we can't go over to Prout's Neck because the beach to beacon is this weekend.

For those of you looking to join us for the first time this week, please check out the CCCP Saturday ride description.

Friday, July 24, 2009

7/25 Saturday Ride

After taking a long ride up to Brunswick last week, this week the Saturday ride will be back in the Falmouth area (MapMyRide Route). If this will be your first time joining the Saturday ride, or if you are just looking for more detail on these rides, check out the Saturday ride description.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Saturday Ride Needs Leaders!

For the next two Saturdays - July 25 and August 1 - both Bron and I are unavailable to lead the Saturday ride.

Is there someone out there willing to step up and lead the ride in our absence? As most of you probably recognize, leading the ride is pretty low-key. You just need to keep the group together and do your best to maintain a fun atmosphere.

Please email me or submit a comment using the link below if you would be willing to help us out.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7/18 Saturday Ride (Weather Update)

There has been a significant rise in interest for a longer ride in the 60 mile range. In order to provide this option without eliminating the normal Saturday ride, we are planning to try something different this week.

This Saturday, we will have two ride routes: a "normal" loop through Cumberland (MapMyRide Route) and a "long" route (MapMyRide Route) through Brunswick. Both rides will leave the shop at 8:00 as usual. In fact, this weekend is the Urban Epic triathlon, so we need to make sure we leave on time so we don't disrupt the bike route around Back Cove.

The two routes are identical until we hit Greely Rd. At that point, we will regroup and riders can decide which route they would like to take. The long route travels up to Brunswick and is approximately 60 miles. The normal route will head up Greely, to Blanchard, over Mill to Blackstrap and then back in to Portland for a total of approximately 32 miles.

The weather is looking like it could be a bit wet and relatively chilly, so make sure you dress appropriately. Also, eating and drinking will be extremely important. For those planning to do the longer route, please make sure you have two full water bottles and that at least one of them has some form of sports drink. In addition, you should plan on having some form of food such as an energy bar, gel packs, baked good, etc. Personally, I like to put a half bagel or some bread in my back pocket, but just make sure you have something to replace the calories you will lose.

It's worth noting that there will be two opportunities to get water on the longer route. At approximately mile 23 some of Bron's friends have graciously offered to let us stop in for water and/or a nature break. Then at about mile 40, there is a convenience store right before we get to Freeport. Do yourself a favor and throw $5 in your jersey pocket or saddle bag so that you have the option to grab something at the store if you need it.

If anyone has any comments or questions, please either post a comment below or feel free to send me an email.

See you Saturday.

Weather Update Friday Night

Rain is definitely in the forecast for tomorrow, but unless there is a thunderstorm, I will be at the shop for the ride.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

No Sunday Ride

Due to the underwhelming response, there won't be a ride tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

7/11 Saturday Ride and Possible Sunday Ride

I'm not feeling very decisive week, so I will throw out two possible routes for the Saturday ride. We can either do the Middle/Mountain/Blanchard route (MapMyRide Route) or we can do the Mountain/Dutton route (MapMyRide Route).

For those looking to join us for the first time, check out the description of the CCCP Saturday Ride.

Sunday Ride?

There has been some talk about a longer version of the Saturday ride. I am planning to ride on Sunday morning and would be happy to lead a 50-60 mile ride. My inclination is to head up toward Brunswick and, given the extra length, I am open to starting a bit earlier than usual - say 7:00.

If people are interested, please give me some indication by leaving a comment or sending me an email. I'm not wed to either the start time or the route, so if you have other ideas, let them be known. If there will be a Sunday ride, I will add a post here with the details by noon on Saturday.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trivia Question

Question: Does anyone remember who won the Yarmouth Clam Festival last year?

Answer: Justin Spinelli


This is a very good article on Mr. Spinelli and his previous accomplishments:

I highly recommend also checking out his blog:

Who knows, perhaps he'll be on the start line again this year.