Friday, June 27, 2008

Community Ride and Bike Expo

Don't forget about the Community Ride and Bike Expo in Payson Park, Sunday morning at 9am, sponsored by Whole Foods Market and area bicycle retailers and riding clubs, the 2008 TBS Community Ride is The Bike Shop's annual fund-raiser. This year the event is being combined with Portland's first Bike Expo.

Start time:
9am - 50 mile
10am - 25 mile
11am - 4 mile children/family loop around Back Cove

Registration is $25.00 per adult (Free for children under 12) and includes organic recovery snack foods provided by Whole Foods Market.

Preregistration is recommended or you can register the day of the event. Don't miss the fun for a good cause!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cyclist Hits Bear?

Really. I'm not making this up. I found it on Cyclelicious and you know he only blogs the truth. You can read the full news story here.

I can't wait to hear some of the comments to this story!


CCCP Abroad

Russ is headed to Montreal over the long 4th of July weekend for some cycling in and around the city. In his search of bike paths he found this interesting information:

Russ, normally I would agree that you should take a spare club jersey to exchange it for theirs. However, thanks to Richard, ours are way better than theirs!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Who Does This??

I'm floored! Who hits a cyclist and leaves the scene of the accident? Obviously someone with something to hide. Be careful out there everyone - this could happen anywhere.

CCCP Gathering

Several of us gathered at Novare Res Thursday night in celebration of Kris's birthday. Of course we came armed with a camera for photos but Dean came armed with chocolates. Belgium chocolate to accompany the Belgium beer - YUMMY!

(Sorry Greg, this was too good of a photo not to post!)

Next week it's a return to Forest Gardens. However, we won't forget about this place for future events. It really is a great place. Check it out if you haven't done so yet.

Op uw gezondheid!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bike Commuting Receives More Press

For those of you who missed the blip about commuting by bike on WCSH6 last night, you can watch it here. Kris Clark, club president, was interviewed, as well as Fred Dillon, a club sponsor/member. CCCP coverage all around..... Enjoy!

Thursday, June 19, 2008



Saturday, June 21, is summer solstice. It’s a day for a Double Century Ride; to quote Ernie Banks on doubleheaders “Let’s play two”

Still to be determined are riders. Will you join me/us? Start time is 5AM, sun-rise. Don’t grouse; there is a solstice double century ride out of Bangor on Saturday that starts at 12:15 AM-lights are mandatory.

This out and back, starting in Portland, is going to turn around at the South Arm boat landing [in Township C, on the Lower Richardson Lake]. Route out will be via Methodist Rd, then Rte 302 to Bridgton, then back roads thru Waterford, Greenwood, Locke Mills, Rumford Point and Andover. Way back will be thru Andover, South Paris and some Rte 26 to Gray, and then home to Portland. Ride time will be 12-13 hours. Goal is to get back before sunset.

Only adverse weather forecast is scattered thundershowers; temps start in 50's and reach 70's during day. If weather changes dramatically, I will reconsider.

Contact me at and 207 807 6267 [cell] and 207 774 4209 [home]


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trek Team CCCP

Team CCCP has returned from the Trek!

The weather was great, even with the rain we experienced Sunday. We rode, for the most part, together as a team at a casual pace.

Russ, Robert and Greg managed to ride 3 consecutive centuries. Julie joined them Friday for her first century and again for her second the following day. I joined them for a century Friday but couldn't manage the second one Saturday. (Next year!)

Of course there are "no pace lines" at the Trek. So we just rode together as a team in single file. The first day we were dressed all in our new club kit. You should have heard the WOWs we heard as we rode past the many riders. We were very impressive looking and had an organized pace line, er, single file line. We had riders that hopped on to join the train, the green train.

Here's a great picture of the team at the start of the Trek Friday morning:

(L-R: Paul Drinan, Greg Fisher, Tracey Merrill, Julie Botticelli, Dana McEwan, Brian Lewis,
Spencer Reed, Russ Boisvert, Robert Anderson, Laura Buckspan, and Derrick Buckspan.)

This is how great we looked as we came across the finish at UMF Friday.

Feel free to check out all the photos I took. There is also video posted on youtube.

Monday, June 9, 2008

MNR - June 9th

Nice large crowd tonight. Hopefully Kris will comment with the number of riders that showed on such a warm, sunny Monday evening. Looks like summer has arrived and with it comes more riders. Yippee!! How big can we get this group to grow this summer? Can we reach 40 riders on a Monday Night? Is 50 out of the question??

June 09, 2008 (3)

June 09, 2008 (5)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Videos

The climb at the top of Pinkham's Notch.