Friday, May 30, 2008

The Peloton

The peloton as it moved up Route 16:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hurricane Mountain Road

Here's the first installment of video shot by James Tierney. (Thanks for shooting them James!!)

Monday, May 26, 2008

CCCP Memorial Day Ride

Thanks to all that joined the CCCP Memorial Day Ride. What a day and we finished just in time before any significant rain fell.

Here are a couple photos and I'll be working on the video that James shot for us and when that's done I'll put that up for all to see! (Yes, your suffering will live on in youtube land forever!)


Our thoughts are with Mike Johnson after the ride! Be well soon, Mike!!!!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Virtual Tour of Hurricane Mountain Road


You too can YouTube up Hurricane Mountain Road. In anticipation of the Memorial Day Ride, and as a virtual training device, go to YouTube and search for “Hurricane Mountain Road”. The search results show some decent footage of ascents and descents of the Hell/Hill of the North. Most or all seem to be on motor bikes. Leisurely ascend on these virtual tours, with no fear of being dropped, or worst yet, walking the two wheeler up the side of Hurricane, there is no footage of a walking tour up Hurricane. That must be experienced inside the real world, not the virtual world.



Hi folks!

Lot's of great stuff happening in the next week so listen up!

BRAVISIMO! Italia has delivered!

Our wicked cool new 2008 CCCP kits are arriving later this week which means another excuse for us to get together. So stop by FRIDAY, MAY 23rd for 4th Annual CCCP Kits Party 6:30 - 7:30 pm Back Bay Bike. Pizza provided please bring beer, wine, soda and either your checkbook or cash (club cannot process credit cards) to pay balance owed on jerseys, etc. All CCCP members welcome as well as anyone interested in joining Portland's social (or is it socialist?) bike club.

Week day rides Mon, Tue, Wed, Thursday are all 6 pm now, in case you had not heard.

Route 88 is sooo bad and rough to the point of dangerous that the group consensus is to change Monday ride route for awhile. We are going to head out Middle Rd as usual, but take left at Greeley up to Cumberland center then back to Middle Rd on Tuttle. Just past Middle we will hop down onto Rte 1 south then right onto Johnson Rd and left onto Middle again back to Portland. This should be a nice change of routine, adds about 5 miles (now 27 instead of 22) and will have much safer shoulders than the 5-mile long seam/crack on Rte 88.


The 5th Annual White Mountain Memorial Day Classic
Monday, May 26th 9:00 am
Fryeburg, Maine.

This is a fun, beautiful, somewhat challenging, but phenomenal ride to kick off the summer. I guarantee you will ride stronger and better after this one plus you can brag that you rode the infamous Hurricane Mountain.

We will meet in downtown Fryeburg right on Rte 302 in front of the Fryeburg library at 8:30. Fryeburg is about 50 miles from Portland but figure an hour 15 to an hour 30 to get there. Forest Ave in Portland is Rte 302 so that is certainly the least complicated route, but I prefer Gorham, west on 25 then right onto Rte 113 a few miles past Standish. 113 takes you right into Fryeburg. Turn left from 302 onto Main Street when you get into town. Library is 2 blocks down on the left.

Thanks ever so much to James Tierney (the Tierney family deserves a CCCP Lifetime Achievement Award for this) this ride will be supported with a sag wagon carrying tubes, tires, pump, tools, water, GU, bananas, Cytomax, etc. His cell phone is 207-415-6627 and my (Kris) is 207-409-4628 in case of emergencies. Be aware, however, that cell phone reception in the White Mountains is sketchy to say the least so best to be self sufficient and come prepared for all contingencies since you may not be able to reach us. If you do decide to drop out of ride midway, however, do try to call one of us so that we don't start worrying about you. There will be three regrouping stops:

  1. The Red Jersey Bike shop on other side of Hurricane (Rte 302 and Hurricane in Intervale north of N. Conway)
  2. Top of Pinkham Notch at National Parks Info Center
  3. Top of Evans Notch

There is a convenience store right next to where we are parking so you can get last minute candy bars, water etc before we take off but definitely bring bike specific food products such as GU, Cytomax, Cliff Bars etc. Though there is no rain in the forecast, come prepared with layers, including a rain/wind jacket since it can get cool in the mountains. sunscreen, sunglasses, 2 waterbottles/cages, spare tube and tools, helmet (Required!) We will be stopping for lunch at the Information Center on top of Mount Washington, just kidding!, on top of Pinkham Notch (at the base of Mt Washington) so you don't have to carry too much food. Note service can be quite slow at cafeteria. You will be able to put your sandwich in sagwagon cooler which will meet us at Pinkham. I do recommend some electrolyte replacement fluids to avoid dehydration and cramping.

If you have a bike with a triple crank or a compact double (34/50 tooth) crank, I recommend bringing it or else at least throwing a 27 tooth or lower cassette on the back. Most of the day, a regular double would be fine, but you will appreciate the granny gear if you decide to do Hurricane Mtn. It is about 2 miles long, recently repaved, averages 14% gradient and can hit 20% at some points. Don't worry if you need to stop a couple of times or even walk a section or two since we will all be stopping, recovering and regrouping with at the Red Jersey Bike shop at on other side of Hurricane right near intersection of Hurricane and Rte 302 in Intervale, NH.

The ride is 84 miles long, goes over 3 mountain passes and 6400 vertical fleet of climbing. We will ascend Hurricane Mountain early in the day (within the first 7 miles actually, so be prepared) while our legs are still fresh. For those who would like to do the ride but wish to avoid the infamous Hurricane, there will be a group taking an alternate route around North Conway. It adds a few miles but is much easier than Hurricane. Both groups will rendezvous at The Red Jersey.(Coffee and muffins available at the shop.) We will take right onto Rte 16 up to top of Pinkham Notch, stop there for food. Continue down 16 to Gorham, NH, right onto Rte 2 East. Left across river to North Road, cross back over river at Gilead. Turn right on Route 2 for a couple hundred yards then left onto 113 South, over Evans Notch which is much easier to do heading South than North.

Traditionally many of us go to Ebenezers Pub in Lovell for lunch and some fine Belgian beers, but I'm not sure if they are open Memorial Day this year so will update you at ride meeting Monday morning before ride.

I'd like to get a sense of who is planning to ride so please confirm by e-mailing me if you plan to ride or even if you might. I will try and firm that list up by Sunday. You can also call me at the Back Bay (773-6906), Tue-Sat 10-6 or at home 775-0356 to confirm or if you have any questions. In these days of dwindling hydrocarbons, I encourage people to car pool. Let me know if you need a ride to Fryeburg.

See you all soon.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Caption Contest!

Write a caption to this picture of Danny Pate of Slipstream:

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunday Morning Ride

Anyone interested in an early Sunday morning ride? A few of us are leaving Portland at 7am. The goal is approximately 50 miles that will include Dutton Hill. We'll gather in front of the basketball court at Payson Park. Even if you aren't up for the full 50 miles, feel free to meet us at 7am and ride with us for as long as you'd like.

I'd like to plan on a stop at Maine Coffee Roasters in Yarmouth, which will be over half-way through the ride if everyone is in agreement for the stop.

If you have any questions you can email me or call me (776-1453).


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Good Events

For all you women who read this blog, don't forget about the Girls & Gears event at Gorham Bike and Ski Thursday.

Also, for those who are interested in checking out some used bikes, Gorham Bike & Ski is having a bike swap Saturday. Since I missed the BCM bike swap in April I'll be at this one. I'm not sure how many bikes they'll have but I always like to look. You might even consider this if you are looking to sell one yourself.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

This Week's Group Rides

I have updated the calendar to reflect the departure of all mid-week evening group rides to be 6pm now throughout the summer, until it's time to turn them back to 5:30. This also includes the Wednesday night ride from South Portland that Tracey and Spencer have been leading. Contact either of them for more info.)

I have also added the Sunday morning ride at 10am to the calendar. This is a casual ride and can be determined by the group as to the route and distance based on who decides to show up and not so much a structured ride. If we hear of anyone that wants to ride a specific route for this ride then we'll post it here.

Pass the word regarding the newly formed Women's Ride Tuesday nights. We had a dozen riders the first night and I anticipate the numbers to grow throughout the summer. The pace for this ride is recreational at this point and averaging around 14-15mph. It's not important for this group to go fast, it's more about a group of women getting together and share the experience of riding with other women. It's a friendly atmosphere and a good place for novice riders to pick up tips and techniques from their fellow female riders.

Do you realize that with the formation of the Women's ride Tuesdays, the Prout's Neck Loop ride Wednesdays and the Sunday morning ride we now have rides almost ever day of the week? There is a ride for everyone and all riding abilities, reinforcing our name of Community Cycling Club of Portland!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Looks like the rain held off and there are breaks in the clouds with patches of blue sky. We are meeting at the shop at 8am this morning after all - ride on! Not sure if we will ride to Brunswick or stick to some routes more inland, which might include Dutton Hill. Join us if you are interested!


Friday, May 9, 2008

Saturday Rides Cancelled

Looks like a cancellation of the previously planned Saturday morning rides are in order due to the prediction for rain. Bummer! Hopefully many of you will be able to squeeze in a ride before or after your visit with mom.

Any questions, feel free to contact me, Tracey or Bryan.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Women's Only Ride

Tonight was the first Women's Only Ride for our club. We had a dozen women show up to ride, with several that couldn't make it tonight and will be there next week. Yippee! We are off to a great start! See you next week!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Trek Team Training Ride

Tracey and I were discussing a Trek Team Training Ride to put in some miles for the Trek, as well as the Memorial Day Ride, so we'll be fully prepared. We thought Saturday morning would be a good time - meet at Back Bay Bicycle at 8am. If the Saturday morning ride wants to join us for part of the ride, they are more than welcome. Even if you aren't participating in the Trek and are looking for a long ride, feel free to join us - the more the merrier!

We'll ride to Brunswick and back. This is the proposed route:

We'll stop for at the Little Dog Coffee Shop on Maine Street in Brunswick for a break and some much needed caffeine and fuel.

Feel free to contact me or Tracey if you are interested in riding. Or you can just meet us at the shop at 8am Saturday, weather permitting.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tour de Georgia Photos

In the event anyone wants to see the many, many photos we took at the Tour de Georgia, we have finally completed the upload and they are available for viewing HERE on Flickr.